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As a professional Fitness Coach, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.



Katie, NY

“I was referred to Lisa through a friend and I've been working with her for 3 months now. I wanted a professional trainer who understood how to rev up my metabolism and  strengthen my core. Wow! Lisa is amazing! We meet twice a week and I've had better results working with her than the trainer I worked with for twice as long  ."

Trish Blake, Stuart FL

There are not enough positive things that I can say about working with Lisa as a personal trainer. She is lovely to work with! 


She is extremely knowledgeable, an expert when it comes to exercise and physiology, physical therapy, and nutrition. Her passion for what she does is evident in every aspect of how she approaches and delivers each session with her clients.

I worked with Lisa for over a year after having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and together we transformed my body, my nutrition, my strength and balance and we seem to have forestalled the progression of this chronic, dastardly condition.  We transformed my mind as well 

as my body.


Lisa is always there for me whether I need a push -- or a pat on the back as I navigate the emotional challenges of this journey.

I can't recommend working with Lisa highly enough if you are serious about making positive changes in your health and in your life.  You will work hard, but you will see the changes you are looking for.  If you do your part, Lisa does hers at least 100x over. Hire her!

Agnieszcka Axer, Portland OR

When I met Lisa I had virtually no upper body strength. I could not even do one push-up, and what was worse, I thought I would never be able to. Well, I eventually got my first push-up, and then eight, and 20 and even 30. Lisa recognized that for me to get that first push-up, not only did my chest need to be strengthened but so did my core. This is something previous trainers I'd worked with did not realize, so that my inability to do the push-up left them baffled and frustrated me.  Whether it's a push-up, proper glute activation or getting more of an hour-glass figure, Lisa helps me achieve things I didn't think were possible. She knows exactly how to challenge my body every step of the way in order to produce results. Every dollar spent has been worth its weight in muscle!

Gitella Himmer, Portland OR

I've been working with Lisa for almost two years now and it's been an incredible experience. Lisa is not just a personal trainer, she's become a friend who is incredibly supportive, encouraging and warm throughout our sessions. Her extensive knowledge about her field is truly impressive. 

Lisa has helped me improve my strength, balance and flexibility significantly, which is a big goal of mine. What I particularly enjoy is that the workouts take place in my home, which makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Her workouts are not only  effective, but also enjoyable. What sets Lisa apart is her ability to make fitness fun! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, warm, fun personal trainer, who truly cares about your health and fitness journey. 

Lisa has been my personal trainer for 4 years. I started with Lisa shortly after giving birth to my 3rd child and hadn’t been to the gym in ages. Lisa was excellent at assessing my fitness, guiding me with a routine that didn’t hurt me (I also have rheumatoid arthritis), but moved me forward where I gained both strength and endurance each week. I am now at a point where I have lost over 70 pounds and can run 5 miles without thinking about it and a core that is strengthened well beyond what I thought could be done after years of having babies and excess weight. Additionally Lisa is such a valuable resource when it comes to nutrition. I have changed my dietary habits along with my fitness routine and feel better than I have in years.

Julia, New Canaan, CT

I am a client of Lisa’s for a few years now. From our very first meeting, I knew she would be the perfect trainer for me. I have fibromyalgia and am in chronic pain. I could tell by the way Lisa was listening to me that she really heard me. She customized a program that fit my condition. I never had any additional pain after her workouts. Lisa also helped me try to accept my limitations. Before the fibro, I was a gym-rat and it was a hard adjustment to change my work-out lifestyle. Lisa felt like a combination between a trainer and physical therapist. Perfect. 
Her workouts are precision, tough yet thoughtful, toning yet gentle when  I needed. Whoever is reading this, I am happy for you for considering Lisa. If she didn’t relocate, I would train with her forever

Kathi Hahn, NY

I have been diagnosed with two chronic conditions both of which challenge my mobility. As I have gotten older it has become clear that if I wanted to prevent my condition from getting worse I needed to start exercising, especially to strengthen my core. But I know me, and exercising is not something that I enjoy and I have a track record of not keeping up with it. Knowing this, I started looking for a trainer. This search brought me to Lisa. I can't say enough about the impact she has had on so many levels. As noted, motivation has been a serious problem for me. Lisa has been able to keep me motivated in a kind and gentle manner. She has always been encouraging and sensitive to my limitations. She always checked at the start of the session to see how I was feeling and adjusted based on this information.Equally important to me is her sincerity in wanting to know about me ; how is the family, how are our dogs, any plans for trips, etc. I find her to be highly trained with deep knowledge of the human body and many techniques to help her clients reach their goals. She has always been very professional . I am thankful each day that Lisa is in my life.

Amy Kimura, Hawaii

Lisa was my Trainer for two and a half years. I had an auto Immune Disorder starting in 2012 Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I had to take prednisone for years and I put on over 60 pounds. Also many of my muscles where weak. She worked with me on a daily basis both physically and emotionally. Within the first year I lost the weight, gained muscle strength and looked better than I had in years. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Judy Cunningham, CT

Lisa has made a significant impact on my health, self-nurturing and overall well-being. She has helped me get through these COVID, lack-luster days when working from home and isolation had caused me to have a serious fitness-funk. Lisa and I have had both the opportunity to work in-person in my tiny home full of critters, and later with online sessions. The dogs and the bunny love her visits and happily recognize her voice from the Zoom workout sessions. I highly recommend Lisa to help you achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. She's a fantastic addition to the week and so accommodating to any situation you have for workout space and time frame.

Colleen, NE Portland, OR

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Lisa Lawston, my personal trainer for the last 4 years. Lisa’s dedication keeps me focused and committed to a regular workout schedule. She designed an endurance and strength training program well-suited for me and inspired in me a new resolve to reach my goals. Her expertise and guidance as well as her clear communication skills keep me progressing consistently. Thanks to Lisa, I now look forward to exercising and continuing my growth!

Doug Stewart, CT

Lisa puts the personal back in a personal trainer. Not only does she cater exercises to your needs, but challenges you mentally and physically. She’ll push you to become the best version of yourself through personalized sessions and ample advice on revisiting your nutrition. When I first met Lisa, I was only able to hold a plank for under 10 seconds. With her cardio and core routine, alongside with a much healthier diet she recommended, I am now able to hold over a minute plank. Lisa has not only changed my body physically, but she has mentally coached me to constantly strive to challenge myself and go outside my comfort zone. I would highly recommend anyone to

work with her at any fitness level you may be at, she will certainly find ways

to challenge you and provide a

sustainable way towards a healthier life. 
Jenny Ly Truong- Portland 

Lisa is an amazing personal trainer, in part because she is really so much more than just that.  Aside from her training expertise, she is also a nutritionist, psychologist, motivator, philosopher, life-counselor, great example of the reward of disciplined living, and…fan.  All of that coalesces into success for her clients.  I could not be more happy with how much I have accomplished over a year of training with her. 

Richard C. Stewart- NY

Lisa is the best trainer I have ever worked with, and as on/off athlete since childhood, I have worked with many trainers.  Lisa is professional, keeps a high standard and makes sure her clients are performing at their best.  She customizes her routines in order to maximize, sculpt and improve each person's body type, and my friends and family noticed a difference after only 6 sessions. Lisa is an inspiration and I also feel blessed to have gotten to know her.

Jen Kane White- CT

I have been working with Lisa over 3 years now. I could write a tome about how she has guided my attitude to exercise and inspired a new, and lasting self commitment. 

Being one who has always been averse to self care and exercise, and being a part time inhabitant of my own body, this is no small feat. Lisa knows her skill inside out, not only the mechanics of body work, but she has also coached me in the emotional resistance I’ve had to physical exertion and being present in my body. I’ve learned that an exercise routine is the most essential nutrient in my life, and dare I say it, FUN?! 
That is my biggest and happily met challenge so far.

 Lisa knows a plethora of exercises, techniques, and movements to strengthen any part of the body that requires improvement and attention. She sees and intuits whats needed because she focuses intently and watches details in how I move, noticing what movement needs help and affirming what is going correctly. She makes suggestions in the moment, and will research any specific issue if needed. This goes above and beyond the average trainer in my experience. I have had more than a few trainers who seem distracted and unfocused. Lisa is quite the opposite and is 100% present as we work together. 

 Seeing and feeling actual visible changes for the better in my body isn’t even the best part of working with Lisa. For me it’s been the genuine dedication and caring she provides along with guidance and understanding in helping me overcome my resistance to caring more seriously about my health. Without exception, Lisa is professional, knowledgeable, and inspiring, just to list a few of her attributes. Like I said, there is a ”tome” of ways she has changed me for the better.

Elise Guidoux, OR

I recently was fortunate enough to work with Lisa for one on one training. Can I just say WOW! My main focus was strengthening my core and breath work. Lisa was extremely thorough with getting my history to maximize results. From the beginning she was professional and so knowledgeable. You can tell she truly cares about her clients and I felt so comfortable during the classes. I feel stronger and more confident already! It’s refreshing to find a trainer that incorporates proper nutrition and form, strength training, and breath work all in one. Very grateful and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with Lisa.

Tara Amato, Sarasota, FL

Since I started training with Lisa, I have lost 30 pounds. More importantly everybody thinks that I look 20 years younger, have a better stance, and have an unrestricted gait. She has helped me develop my core which makes a huge difference with everything.

Peter Curlender, FL

"Positives: Communication, Proffesionalism, Quality. I’ve been working with Lisa for just over 2 months and I’ve had great measurable success. I’ve lost more than 10lbs, and gone from a size 12/14 to a 10. When I first started I could barely do a handful of modified push-ups, now I can do 15 proper form push-ups and I can’t wait to keep going! I’ve had trainers before but Lisa is the first trainer who has empowered me through fitness. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, and she instills confidence. I am amazed by her level of engagement with me as a client, and I love working with her." 
UPDATE:' It's been over a year working with Lisa and I couldn't be happier! Lisa has seen me through weight loss and health goals while trying to conceive then through my prenatal journey creating a new program with goals for mobility and weight maintenance, and then through my postpartum journey to restore, strengthen, and tone...and I recently had an ankle injury and Lisa continued t adapt and create programs that were safe, effective and custom to me.

Sakura Brunette, Texas

Lisa has been a great trainer! She genuinely cares about her clients, and believes in me even when I struggle with motivation. She's accommodating to adjust workouts based on aches or pains and always has great recommendations for incorporating whatever my body needs most. She's very knowledgeable and kind. Highly recommend!

Leah Bond, WA

I originally began training with Lisa about a year ago. It was a vehicle for my daughter in Seattle and me in New Jersey to train both of us simultaneously even though we were on different levels. She was able to take into consideration our different disabilities and ailments. She is a very kind, caring and knowledgable person. I highly recommend her!

Robin Ringer, NJ

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